G19Linux consist of three things:

  1. libg19 – A library that handles the USB interfacing with the G19
  2. libg19draw – A library that can be used for drawing images, circles, lines and test on the LCD
  3. g19d – A daemon for manage the LCD, L-Keys, G-Keys, and M-Keys.

* As of right now G19D is still in development and unstable.

You can either download from the project page or from the git repositories.

libg19 git:
git clone git://

libg19draw git:
git clone git://

g19d git:
git clone git://

g19linux git (generic repo with random stuff):
git clone git://

Generic Compiling Instructions:

  1. autoreconf -fi
  2. ./configure
  3. make
  4. make install