Currently development is halted on this project. It’s now in favor of a kernel modules and a new front end. The neat think about the new setup is it will offer support for all Logitech Gaming devices. For more information please please join #lg4l on freenode.

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  1. Hi! Very nice, I applied the patch to my kernel. But without the frontend there’s no way to test it… or is there? On my G19 the only difference I noticed was that the G-keys no longer send F1-12 in xev (they send nothing), and the backlight is permanently on. My xorg.conf is a bit messy though. I have a G15 too but haven’t tested with it yet. Looking forward to new updates. Thanks!

  2. Oops, the module wasn’t loaded! Now all the buttons work, except for the OK button. Leds work through /sys/class/leds. Still haven’t figured out how to use the framebuffer.

    Awesome work!

  3. If it’s halted then there will be no more support of G19Linux for this G19 keyboard? Whereis front-end? Is it in QT or GTK? :?: :?: :?: :?:

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