Currently development is halted on this project. It’s now in favor of a kernel modules and a new front end. The neat think about the new setup is it will offer support for all Logitech Gaming devices. For more information please please join #lg4l on freenode.


G19Linux is still in the works. I know I had said to a few people mid early – mid May, however, other stuff had come up. Right now things are looking to be back on track. I really don’t have an ETA but, rest assured I’m just as tired of looking at the Logitech Logo as you. If you’re tired of looking at the logo you can use the example code in the g19linux git repo. It will require you have the latest versions of libg19 and libg19draw from the git repos too.

Also, as you have noticed I have switched the version control over to git from SVN. You can get all of the information for the repos on the download page.